EMV Chip

emv_chipU$X FCU’s VISA® Credit Cards
Now Offer More Security

Use Your New SmartCard With The EMV Chip To Help
Prevent Fraud While Shopping

Your new VISA® Platinum or VISA Blue
SmartCards are different from your existing
credit card. They contain an embedded
microchip that uses advanced encryption
technology that makes it harder to copy your
account information, better protecting you
from fraud while making purchases in stores.

Use Your SmartCard
Anywhere VISA Is Accepted

Check out at retailers with chip-enabled terminals by simply inserting the card chip first, following the prompts and providing your PIN. Check out as you normally would by swiping at retailers without chip-enabled terminals.

As for online and telephone purchases using your SmartCard, please note that EMV technology is designed to prevent “skimming” and other fraudulent schemes at the point of sale in stores that use the new enhanced credit card terminals. However, it is still important to take security precautions when shopping online. Our VISA cards come with Verify by VISA® alerts to give you realtime notifications of usage, but credit card theft prevention starts with cardholders. When checking out online, look for “https://” in the URL or web address before submitting your information. Remember, “s” means “secure.” Only use vendors you can verify, and in most cases, don’t store your credit card information in your mobile devices, hard drive or on vendor websites. It may be more convenient, but certainly not worth the risks associated with identity theft.

What You Need To Do

Your new SmartCard replaces your existing U$X FCU Credit Cards so activate your card right away. With a new expiration date and CVV code, you’ll need to update the card information on record with any merchant you have authorized to automatically charge your account. Then start using your new U$X FCU Platinum or VISA Blue Credit Card and enjoy all the benefits and security your card now offers.

Your SmartCard Is Easy To Use,
Harder To Scam

Using your new SmartCard at chip-enabled
terminals is just a little different. Here’s
what you do:



Insert your card “chip
first” into the chip- enabled terminal. With
chip transactions, your
card remains in the
terminal throughout
your transaction.



Follow the prompts on
the terminal and wait
for the transaction to be
processed. You may be
required to enter your
PIN or sign to complete
the transaction.



Remove your card
after the transaction is
completed and you are
prompted to do so by
the payment terminal.

One last word about safety and personal
responsibility regarding use of credit cards.
Safeguard your financial security by accessing
your credit report at least once a year. The three
credit reporting bureaus, Experian, Equifax and
TransUnion, must provide you with a free credit
report once every twelve (12) months. Take
the time to do so. Review the accuracy of your
account activity and immediately report anything
suspicious. To get started, visit


As always, your credit union is doing everything possible to help members keep more of their hard-earned money, and keep it safe, too. Please feel free to contact a U$X FCU Member Service Representative at 888-219-3159 for more information.