Personal Loans

personalWhether you’re looking to consolidate higher-rate credit cards or loans, make personal improvements or just need extra funds for any number of reasons, a secured or unsecured loan from USX Federal Credit Union may be the low-cost answer.

Signature Loans

Your USX Federal Credit Union unsecured personal loan may be used for any prudent reason. Loans for qualified borrowers may be granted for a maximum of 60 months.*

Personal And Pledged Loans

If you need to consolidate high-interest-rate credit cards, take a vacation, pay tuition or any good reason, a personal loan secured by your signature may be the answer. USX Federal Credit Union pledge-secured loans are designed for those members who do not want to withdraw from their savings (shares) or liquidate their stocks. By pledging their savings (shares) or stock, members can borrow the money they need at a very low interest rate and build excellent credit history.

Savings (Shares) Pledge Loans

Up to 60-month term
100% secured by credit union savings (shares)

Stock Pledge Loans

Up to 60-month term
Up to 75% of approved stock value

Protect your loan and credit rating with USX FCU Borrower Security. Ask your credit union representative for details.

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*The maximum loan amount granted unsecured is dependent on borrower’s credit history and level of indebtedness.