Financial Partner

Is it time for you to consider a more attractive financial partner?

Leave behind the high-pressure sales tactics, steep fees and red tape of big banks and navigate to a place where your money doesn’t have to endure name changes. Come to U$X FCU where you aren’t just a number fulfilling a quota.  At U$X, we honor and serve each and every member-owner.

It’s hard to escape the news reports about the Wells Fargo Bank fraudulent account mess. According to media sources, Wells Fargo employees opened over 2 million fraudulent and fictitious accounts, mostly checking and credit cards, to meet strict new account quotas. Wells Fargo got slapped with a penalty of $185 million and 5,300 Wells Fargo employees were fired. Sadly, this egregious act will trickle down and punish small financial institutions with more regulations and the consumers that they serve rather than the big greedy banks.

U$X FCU has never participated in any high-pressure sales tactics. Our employees are recruited, hired, trained and monitored to do the right thing for the member in front of them.  We always provide members with what’s in their best interest because every member is an owner of this financial cooperative. We live by the credit union standard of people helping people.

Secure your future today with trustworthy professionals and reliable service that will help you, your family and your coworkers improve credit, lower payments, save money and build a better financial outlook. Let your feet speak loudly as you walk over to a new financial partnership with U$X FCU today.