Pre-Approved Auto Loans From U$X FCU Let You Bask In The Savings!

See The Light And Save HUNDREDS

USXautoLoanGetting pre-approved takes an extra step but is well worth the savings. As a “cash buyer” in the car lot, you gain a negotiating edge, plus:

  • Helps you set a realistic budget
  • Simplifies dealership experience
  • Delivers your best rate
  • U$X FCU offers 100% financing

Understand the dealership game and steer clear of roadblocks for getting your best deal. Here are some tips:

  • Negotiate on car price, not monthly payment
  • Contemplate true value of any extras – must-haves like warranties and upgrades should be purchased separately, not rolled into your loan
  • 0% financing is often a scam that raises the price tag of the auto <<read more>>

Ink The Shortest Term You Can Afford


Loan Term U$X FCU
Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid
36 months 1.5% APR* $710.62 $582.34
48 months 1.5% APR* $536.94 $773.12
60 months 1.8% APR* $436.01 $1,160.61
72 months 2.0% APR* $368.76 $1,550.80

Example assumes $25,000 loan without a down payment, which would lower your monthly payment.

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. No additional discounts may be applied to rates. Other rates and terms available. Contact the credit union for complete offer details. Comparison for illustration purposes only; individual results may vary.