CardTrac Frequently Asked Questions


CardTrac Frequently Asked Questions


NEW - Travel Plan Feature

Q. What is a Travel Plan?
A. Travel Plan Exemptions in CardTrac provides Debit cardholders with a self-serve option to inform USX FCU and our security staff about their travel plans without the need to call or visit their local branch. Cardholders securely can create up to two travel exemptions with 15 domestic and/or international destinations within the app. This will allow for uninterrupted use of your debit card.


Q. Q. Can I set up travel plans for my USX Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card and Debit Card?
A. At this time, Debit card(s) are operational. We anticipate VISA credit cards to be online in 2021.


Q. Where do I set up a Travel Plan?
A. Once you’ve select your debit card. Under the Manage Card tab you find the Travel Plan.


Q. How do I set up a Travel Plan?
A. Tap the Travel Plan, you will then see “Add Plan”. You will then be sent a security token via text*. You will enter the token. At this point, you can enter your planned destination (state or country) and the duration you will be traveling. You can schedule 2 travel plans per card.


*Please note: USX Federal Credit Union MUST have your current cellphone number on file so that the security
token can be sent. Also, to ensure uninterrupted usage of your USX Federal Credit VISA credit card, please contact
the credit union and alert us of your travel plans.